About the Ophthalmology Service at VSS Veterinary Specialist Services

Veterinary Specialty Center of SeattleThe field of veterinary medicine has progressed dramatically during the past decades, and has entered the age of specialization. The level of care that we can provide to our veterinary patients approaches that received by human patients.
In addition to general practices providing primary care to your pet, veterinary specialists are available providing special care for special conditions. The veterinary specialist functions as an extension of the general practice providing advanced diagnostics, sophisticated techniques and expertise.

A board certified veterinary ophthalmologist is a licensed veterinarian who has obtained intensive training in veterinary ophthalmology and has been certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO).
In order to treat eye conditions in companion animals, our ophthalmology service uses the most advanced technologies and methods. Ocular health is an important factor for the quality of life for pets and their human families. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients while assuring the very best of care for their pets. It is our goal to assure that the patient owner is well informed and comfortable about their pet’s care.
The best care of your pet is made possible by excellent communication between your veterinarian and our ophthalmology service. A copy of the discharge report will be faxed to your veterinarian within 24 hours of the eye examination.
The ophthalmology team is deeply committed to your pet’s health and well being. You can trust us with your four-legged family member wholeheartedly.